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Online auction for embryos of top horses!

In 2014 ET Auction was the first ever online auction for embryos. Today, it’s still known as the most influential platform in this category. ET Auction is unique because it focuses on embryos with the best blood in the world. Since the start many have been sold worldwide. The eldest foals already were remarked by several connoisseurs. Our philosophy has thus been proven: the best chance to get a top horse, is to buy a top embryo!

Total innovation

ET Auction filled a gap in the flourishing equestrian business. The need was high, but the possibilities were even greater. That’s why we redeveloped the formula. The activities are expanding. In January 2017 we start with united season auctions. Not longer we will sell the embryos separately. From now on we will work with exclusive collections of approx. ten embryo’s each time. You will see us appear much more emphatic. Each season we will add a new collection. The Winter Edition in January, the Spring Edition in March, …

Belgian bred, best of the world!

The best horses in the world are Belgians and the best horses in the world are born through embryotransfer. Think about London, Cornet Obolensky, Itôt du Château, Mylord Carthago, Go Easy de Muze, Fair Light Van ’t Heike, etc… Thanks to ET, the Belgian breeding grew superfast lately. Through ET, the best sport and broodmares can be used more frequently. The sport proved that it works. The Belgian studbooks have grown together with the technique of ET. Zangersheide and BWP are currently in the top three of the world ranking. Fifty percent of the top ten horses in the world are Belgian breds. Seven Belgian horses came home with a medal after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Young but experienced initiators

Valentijn De Brabander was the founder of ET Auction. He’s the son of veterinarian, ET pioneer and top breeder Joris De Brabander of Stal de Muze. To work out the new format, equestrian journalist, rider and breeder Björn Van Bunder of Stoeterij ’t Merelsnest came on board in the end of 2016. So, ET Auction is a project of two young horsemen, who have proven knowledge and experience in this sector. To compose the auction collections, the best embryos from their own stables are included, but also they are hunting foreign top blood. We only want to offer you the best blood in the world!

Buy or sell an embryo in or outside the auction

ET Auction keeps innovating. Visit the website to stay informed about the running auctions and the further evolution. Feel free to contact us with your questions. Also we have embryos privately for sale. If you have a top embryo that could fit in our catalogue, please let us know either.

ET Auction: creating the future!

Embryos all over the world

  • London - Gerco Schröder

  • Mylord Carthago - Pénélope Leprévost

  • Walnut de Muze - Harrie Smolders

  • Ayade de Septon Kevin Staut

  • Cella - Ben Maher

  • Cornet Obolensky - Marco Kutscher

  • Fair Light van 't Heike - Alberto Zorzi

  • Fantomas de Muze - Karline De Brabander

  • Golden Hawk - Shane Breen

  • Gancia de Muze - Niels Bruynseels

  • Glasgow Van 't Merelsnest - Jur Vrieling

  • Go Easy de Muze - Darragh Kenny

  • Itot du Chateau - Edwina Tops-Alexander

  • Vagabond de la Pomme - Pénélope Leprévost

  • Espoir - Pieter Devos

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