Closely related to WEG participant Quelle-dame vd Heffinck

Denzel van't Meulenhof x Clinton ( Exclusief van d'Abdijhoeve )

Auction closure: 20-11-2017 20:15 local time Belgium, except any extentions

Denzel van't Meulenhof

Marius Claudius Concorde Voltaire
Icara Nimmerdor
Narcotique de Muze IV Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Qerly Chin Chin Chin
Kerly D92

Exclusief van d'Abdijhoeve

Clinton Corrado I Cor de la Bryere
Urte I Masetto
Ginette van het Carelshof Randel Z Ramiro Z
Alaric Z
Winette vd Heffinck Siegfried
Quinette Ut

Auction ends:

current bid: €4000
min next bid: €4500

Closely related to WEG participant Quelle-dame vd Heffinck and out of mother approved stallion Menko vd Wellington.

Embryo and foal insurance included. Embryo insured for the amount of 6.000 euro, after birth insured for 12.000 euro until 120 days. Questions? contact:
The foal must be registered with suffix ‘vd Bisschop’ in his/her given name and
Stal den Bisschop will be mentioned as co-breeder of this foal.
The receptor mare has to be bought for 1000 euro excl. 21% VAT. Stal den Bisschop buys the receptor mare back for 1000 euro excl. 21% VAT, when she is returned in good health.

Stal den Bisschop – Tom de Craene - - - +32 476 35 22 60

21-06-2018 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) BE - Melle (Location)

Latest bids

00:11:42      Out of halfsister AD Camille Z €5000
16:11:24      Querly Chin offspring €4000
15:11:59      Out of daughter Narcotique II de Muze €5000
14:11:36      Will be 100 % piebald €3500
14:11:09      Back to Dulf vd Bisschop €4500
14:11:28      Direct dameline to Estina €4500
13:11:04      London's Grand Prix family €4500
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