Damline Fragance de Chalus

Gino H x For Pleasure ( Bouton d'Or de Litrange )

Sold to: Italy

Gino H

Calvino Z Calvin Z Caletto II
Easanette Ramiro Z
Jomara Ekstein Zion
Fomara Ulft

Bouton d'Or de Litrange

For Pleasure Furioso II Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville
Gigantin Grannus
Utopia Litrange de Muze Darco Lugano van la Roche
Fragance de Chalus Jalisco B

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Get the Mylord Carthago and Bamako de Muze motherline!


  • This embryo’s dam is bred out of the full sister to Bamako de Muze (Karline De Brabander), Jolly Mome (Cara Reather), Jolly Girl de Kervec, Valentine de l’Impermeable (Eric Lamaze), Vodka Orange de Muze (Ludo Philippaerts) and Naïs de la Pomme (Patrice Delaveau). 
  • Dam Bouton d’Or de Litrange is also the mother of Mara van den Bisschop, who jumped 5 clear rounds on 7 participations in the 4-year-old section of the STX young horses Cyclus 2016. 
  • Dam Bouton d’Or is the half sister of the 1.40m jumpers Idefix (Columbia) and Espoir de Litrange (Italy).
  • Grand mother Fragance de Chalus her most famous sons are Mylord Carthago, Bamako de Muze, Norton d’Eole, Arc en Ciel de Muze, Hugh Grand de Muze and Farfelu de Muze.
  • The damline of the Jalisco mare Fragance de Chalus is highly respected thanks to top horses like Morgat, Nifrane de Kreisker, D’Ifrane Chalusse, Newton de Kreisker, Triomphe de Muze, Jifrane de Chalusse, Lord If de Chalus, Queen Girl Kervec, Bacardi-Rhum de Muze, Theodore Manciais, Sandor, Ronaldo de la Pomme, Twister de la Pomme, Jaguar vd Berghoeve, AD A Big Boy and so many others.



The half brother and lookalike of Hickstead!


  • This embryo’s father Gino H is no one else than the half brother of former Olympic Champion Hickstead of Eric Lamaze. This damline also produced Admara, the top horse of Emanuele Gaudiano and René Lopez.
  • As a 5-year-old, Gino H proved to be a very promising stallion last year under the saddle of Walter Lelie, putting in almost only clear rounds in the stallion competition and STX Cyclus
  • This embryo’s dam father For Pleasure was one of the best sport stallions ever and currently number two on the sire list of the WBFSH World Ranking, however he has covered not that many mares.
  • This embryo’s grandfather Darco was the number one show jumping horse producer in the world for six years in a row.


01-05-2017 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Sint-Niklaas (Location)

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