Whitney Dwerse Hagen embryo

Nixon vh Meulenhof x Codex ( Withney vd Dwerse Hagen )

Sold to: Belgium

Nixon vh Meulenhof

Denzel vh Meulenhof Marius Claudius Concorde
Narcotique IV de Muze Quidam de Revel
Querly Chin
Carthina Z Carthago Z Capitol I
Tanagra S vh Darohof Lys de Darmen
Gesina vh Darohof

Withney vd Dwerse Hagen

Codex Carthago Z Capitol I
Imke Cor de la Bryere
Jade du Ri d'Asse Feo Wendekreis
Elize de Lauzelle Goldfisch de Lauzelle

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Dam Withney vd Dwerse Hagen is a 1.60m GP winner


  • This embryo’s mother is the 1.60m GP winner Withney vd Dwerse Hagen of Patrik Spits. The mare won the GP’s of Beervelde, Lons le Saunier and Sint-Katelijne Waver. In Dublin, she was the runner-up in the 2008 Grand Prix. She was part of the Belgian team for many years. Her record is outstanding.
  • Whitney’s son Jonsaunier DH won the Belgian Championship for six-year-old horses in 2015 and he was the star of the stallion competition last year.
  • Whitney’s half brother Premium de Laubry jumped 1.60m with Ludo and Johan Philippaerts. Another half brother, Valoubet Dwerse Hagen jumped GP in America.
  • The mareline is one of the best in Belgium, producing also the top mares Nikita de Laubry, Indiana de Lauzelle and Cordula de Laubry, but also the approved stallions Rubens du Ri d’Asse, Fantomas de Muze, Ti Amo and Kaiser van ’t Lambroeck. Countless international performs descend from the line. Garfield de Tiji, Dinero de Laubry, Baltimore, Elaba de Laubry, Doremi, Allouette van ’t Lambroeck, Florette van ’t Lambroeck,  just to name some.


Father Nixon is a half brother of Emerald


  • This embryo’s father Nixon van ’t Meulenhof was the Reserve Champion at the BWP Stallion Approvals 2016 and partly sold to Euro Horse afterwards.
  • Nixon van ’t Meulenhof is half brother of the top stallion Emerald van ’t Ruytershof (Harrie Smolders), who placed second in the 2016 World Cup Finals and jumped the Olympic Finals in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Nixon van ’t Meulenhof is the half brother of Diamanthina van ’t Ruytershof. With Constant Van Paesschen this mare won classes up to 1.60m GP’s in Rotterdam, Chantilly, Beervelde, Lons le Saunier, Oslo, Kapellen and Oliva. Also the 1.45m jumpers  Fragile, Gucci and Illusionata van ’t Meulenhof come from the same mother.
  • The damline of Nixon van ’t Meulenhof produced many more international show jumpers and approved stallions such as Jilbert, Kentucky, Le Blue Diamond, Missouris, Je t’adore (1.45m), Brillianthina (1.45m) and Herald van ’t Ruytershof (1.55m). 

02-06-2017 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Location)

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