Breeding of Dollar Macker

Saxo de Vandel x Insert Gede ( Salt Lake City )

Sold to: Belgium

Saxo de Vandel

Cocktail Jet Quouky Willams Fakir du Vivier
Dolly Williams
Armbro Glamour Super Bowl
Armbro Goal
Lidice de Vandel Cezio Josselyn Armbro Goal
Ellen de Vandel Sancho Panca
Note de Vandel

Salt Lake City

Insert Gede Jet du Vivier Sabi Pas
Ua Uka
Cadence Gede Jiosco
La Star Defi D'Anou Armbro Goal
Bahama Quito de Talonay

Dollar Macker (731.810€ - 1.11.9) is a son of Saxo De Vandel (755.450€ - 1.11.8) and the Dubois mare Salt Lake City (73.760€ - 1.15.1). This 5 year old red already won 2 Groupe I races, namely the Prix Des Centaures and Prix des Elites. The services of Dollar Macker could be booked since 2017.

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No auction fee (7.5%) will be charged during this auction.

This breeding is valid for the breeding season 2018 and guarantees a living born foal. This foal can be registered in all studbooks except the French studbook - Trotteur Français.

01-01-2019 (Birth date) 6% (VAT)

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