Breeding of Atlas de Joudes

Ready Cash x Love You ( Queschua Love )

Sold to: Netherlands

Ready Cash

Indy de Vive Viking's Way Mickey Vicking
Tekiflore Kepi Vert
Kidea Extreme Dream Quito de Talonay
Dceanide du Lilas Workaholic

Queschua Love

Love You Cocktail Jet Quouky Williams
Armbro Glamour
Guilty of Love And Arifant
Amour D'Aunou
Horsaca Buvetier d'Aunou Royal Prestige
Casa Work Workaholic

Atlas de Joudes (269.900€ - 1.13.4) is a son of the number one stallion Ready Cash (4.282.300€ - 1.10.3) and the Dubois mare Queschua Love (48.250€ - 1.15.0). His debut in breeding with talented descendants such as Full Option (64.980€ - 1.13.9) and Fargo (34.300€ - 1.15.9) is very promising.

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No auction fee (7.5%) will be charged during this auction.

This breeding is valid for the breeding season 2018 and guarantees a living born foal. This foal can be registered in all studbooks except the French studbook - Trotteur Français.

01-01-2019 (Birth date) 6% (VAT)

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